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 Ragu & Pesto
(formerly Little Napoli)

"The Home of Delicious Italian Cuisine"
[Still Located at 6445 Westheimer, in the Same Shopping Center as the
Diamond Jewelry Factory On the South Side of Westheimer, One Block East of Voss ]

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 Here are the Outstanding Programs for October 2014  

Please Join Us Every Tuesday Evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. for:
Delicious Italian Cuisine, Productive Networking, & Informative Speakers!
$15.00 Includes Dinner!
  Lots of Free Parking

We Look Forward to seeing You There!

 Ragu & Pesto
Little Napoli)
(still at 6445
Westheimer, One Block East of Voss,
Near the Diamond Jewelry Factory)

Here are Some of Our
Terrific After Hours Network Programs!

 TUESDAY, October 7. 2014

Join us for an Outstanding Program & Speaker and
the Grand Opening of
the Ragu & Pesto Restaurant!

SPEAKER:  Dr. John Demartini is the Founder of the Demartini Institute and One of the Nation's Leading Human Behaviorists, Educators, and Leaders.  Dr. Demartini is an internationally renown speaker, prolific author of over 40 books in 28 languages, and one of the World's Leading Authorities on Personal Development and Human Behavior. The Demartini Method and the Demartini Value Determination are culminations of over 37 years of cross-disciplinary research and study and utilized in all human development industries across the world.  For more information regarding Dr. Demartini and his leading work please visit his website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  9 Steps to Financial Freedom!

TUESDAY, October 14. 2014

SPEAKER:  Lane Sloan is the former CFO of Shell Oil, President of Shell Chemical, Executive Professor at the University of Houston, a Silver Fox Advisor, and a prolific author whose latest book is Develop a Leadership Plan Become A Great Leader. Lane is currently President of Sloan Consulting Services, Inc., mentoring companies of all sizes.  He serves on the boards of the Houston Technology Center, Quanta Point, NeoPure, and Davidson Instruments as well as the advisory board of BlueLance.   For more information regarding Lane Sloan and his outstanding work, please visit his website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  The Keys to Becoming a Great Leader!

TUESDAY, October 21. 2014

SPEAKER:  Wendy Buskop is a popular public speaker, one of the Nation's leading Patent and Trademark Attorneys, a prolific author, and an accomplished musician. Wendy is the Founder of the Buskop Law Group which was identified by Intellectual Property Today as one of the "Top Patent Law Firms in the United States from 2000 thru 2013.  The Buskop Law Group handles matters for clients in 20 states and 12 foreign countries including the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom,  Japan , and China.  For more information regarding Wendy Buskop and her leading Patent and Trademark firm please visit her website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  Protect Your Ideas - Don't Let Your Good Ideas Become Extinct!

TUESDAY, October 28. 2014

SPEAKER:  Dr. Doris Taylor is the Director of Regenerative Medicine Research at the Texas Heart Institute.  Her outstanding research includes cell and gene therapy, tissue engineering of bio-artificial organs and vasculature, cell-based disease prevention, stem cells and cancer, and alternative approaches to cell-mediated repair just to name a few. Dr. Taylor has brought in over $12.5 million in research awards and grants, she is a dedicated educator, and a very prolific author of a vast number of of more than 80 highly regarded scientific publications.  For more information regarding Dr. Doris Taylor and her amazing work please visit her website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC: Regenerative Medicine - The Future is NOW!

TUESDAY, November 4,  2014

SPEAKER:  Ken Jones is a very popular, captivating, and compelling public speaker.  Ken is also a Dynamic Educator and a Successful Entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in successfully creating, building, and selling businesses. Ken is currently the Director of the Outstanding Award Winning Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston which has been honored as the Nation's Leading Entrepreneurship Program by the Princeton Review.  For more information regarding Ken Jones and the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship please visit their website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  A Cure for Entrepreneurial Loneliness!


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