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Now In Our "27th Great Year" of Outstanding Weekly Programs!
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Welcome To our Terrific Line Up of Outstanding Weekly Programs

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 Here are the Terrific Programs for April 28 thru June 2, 2015  

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 Cafe Express In Uptown Park
1101 Uptown Park Blvd,
NW Corner of Hwy 610 & Post Oak Blvd)

Here are Some of Our
Terrific After Hours Network Programs!


TUESDAY, April 28,  2015

SPEAKER: JD Messinger is a 5-time Award Winning and Best Selling Author of 11 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life, the former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting (Singapore), A Distinguished Grad of the United States Naval Academy, a Former Nuclear Submarine Officer, the Crisis Response Leader who helped supervise the Valdez oil spill cleanup, Nominated as the CNBC Asian CEO of the Year, and an advisor to the Singapore Prime Minister, various Fortune 100 companies, members of parliament and dignitaries from around the world on industrial evolution, innovation, outsourcing, and energy policy. For more information regarding JD Messinger and his Outstanding work please go to his website by: Clicking Here

TOPIC: Unleashing Your Power and Restoring Your Purpose and Meaning!

TUESDAY, May 5, 2015

SPEAKER: Dr. Alberto Pimpinelli is a Faculty Fellow in the Materials Science and Nanoengineering Department and is the Executive Director of the Rice University Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology. Dr.  Pimpinelli is currently on leave from his tenure as a Full Professor of Physics at the Universit Blaise Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand (France) as well as being Visiting Professor at the University of Maryland in College Park. From 2008 to 2012 he served as one of the Attaches for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the US.  For more information regarding Dr. Pimpinelli and Rice University's World Leading Nanoscale Science and Technology Institute please visit their website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  A Look at Some of the Exciting World Class Breakthroughs in Oil & Gas and Medicine!

TUESDAY, May 12, 2015

SPEAKER: Kathryn Wheat is one of Houston's Dynamic and Popular Motivational Speakers, Networking Instructor, and author of a new best seller, Networking: Naked & Unafraid!  Kathryn is one  of Houston's newest successful entreprenuers who has established and run the Kathryn Wheat School of Real Estate.  Kathryn also enthusiastically teaches her proven networking techniques based on the principal: Networking is Simply Starting a Conversation with no Destination in Mind.  For more information regarding Kathryn Whear and her leading work, please visit her website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  Successful Networking Made Simple!

TUESDAY, June 2, 2015

SPEAKER: Dr. Cheryl Lynn Walker is the Renown Scientist who is the Director of the Texas A & M Health Science Center Institute of Bioscience and Technology - one of the Nation's Leading Bioscience Institutes ("IBT"). Dr. Wlaker's leading research covers the full scope of Carcinogeneis and has resulted in her Award-Winning Reputation having received the 2010 Cozarelli Prize in Biological Sciences from the National Academy of Sciences.  Dr. Walker currently serves on the Board of Scientific Advisor of the National Cancer Institute. For more information regarding Dr. Walker and the Texas A & M IBT and their world leading research please go to their website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC: A Focus on Some of the Exciting World Class Breakthroughs at the IBT!


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