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Welcome To our Terrific Line Up of Outstanding Weekly Programs

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  at Barry's Pizza
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 Here are the Terrific Programs for March 31 thru April 21, 2015  

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 Barry's Pizza
(6003 Richmond Ave at Fountain View)

Here are Some of Our
Terrific After Hours Network Programs!


TUESDAY, March 31,  2015

SPEAKER: Shelley Roth is a Popular and Compelling public speaker, one of Houston's most successful consultants and trainers on the leading social media platforms, and a prolific author whose book, Shedding Your Sales Shark was awarded Number 3 on Amazon's Best Seller's List in November of 2012. For more information regarding Shelly Roth and her Outstanding work please go to her website by: Clicking Here

TOPIC:  Making Email Marketing the Cornerstone of Your Business!

TUESDAY, April 7, 2015

SPEAKER: Ronald Earl Wishire is one of Houston's finest Motivational Speakers, a Truely Engaging Author, and a Social Media Enthusiast who after a decade in real estate has turned his attention to his true passion of helping others achieve their true destiny.  His talk will leave you with a totally new perspective on using new media to have more fun and make more money in ways that you never dreamed possible.   For more information regarding Ronald Wilshire and  his outstanding work,  please visit his website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  How Attract & Engage is Better than Chase & Convince!

TUESDAY, April 14, 2015

SPEAKER: Doug Harris has been working his Award-Winning Magic around the world for the past 30 years and now enjoys an Elite Position in the promotions community, with an international reputation for innovatieve, clutter-busting marketing campaigns for a wide variety of fortune 500 companies.  Doug has won numerous awards as he is a former Billboard Magazine Marketing Director of the Year.  Doug has also been featured as the keynote speaker at mnay top events including the National Association of Broadcasters-Europe which was held in London.  For more information regarding Doug Harris and his amazing innovatie work  please visit his website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  8 Great Ways to Market with Little or No Budget!

TUESDAY, April 21, 2015

SPEAKER: Dr. Matthew Ellis is the Director of the Baylor College of Medicine Lester and Sue Smith Breast Center.  Dr. Ellis is a Renowned Clinical Scientist in the area of Genomics and Molecular Profiling of Breast Cancer.  Dr. Ellis is building a patient-focused program that will translate technical advances in genomics and protomics into clinical tools that will dramatically improve patient outcomes.  Dr. Ellis' work has unveiled groundbreaking new information about mutations in breast cancer and their clinical relevance. For more information regarding Dr. Ellis and his leading cancer research please go to his website by: Clicking Here!

TOPIC:  Dramatic Improvements in Cancer Outcomes thru Advancements in Genomics and Proteomics!


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